Redhouse Castle Estates has proudly served the Niagara Region for over 7 years.  Marilyn Laing passionately looks after ALL your needs to quickly sell your home.  What started as her hobby, has now become her home staging business. After discovering the satisfaction of helping her clients add value to their homes , Marilyn decided to make her hobby her full-time job.

Her husband, Gord, has joined on the home improvement side of the business, offering professional electrical service. Together, both Marilyn and Gord provide their clients with a beautiful, polished, value-added home that they can confidently place on the real estate market.

We only go by a percentage of the sale, so the more money you make on your home, the more money we make as well.

We Provide

• Staging
• Cleaning
• Organizing
• Upgrading
• Painting
• Plumbing
• Wall Repair & Maintenance
• Framing
• Drywall
• Electrical ECRA/ESA 7007603
• Exteriors / Landscaping

Then we call your agent back before it goes on the market and get the new value of your home.
It’s a WIN – WIN.
Percentage works by how much work is needed on the home - Starting at 1%.
Whatever needs doing; we’ll do it till it’s done…Contact Redhouse Castle Estates today!